Our Story

Founded by designer Virginia Martin, búl is an identifiable Australian label where thoughtful design embraces quality tailored womenswear in a timeless effortlessness.

Through Virginia’s extensive design and production knowledge, alongside international experience working for Proenza Schouler, Cynthia Rowley, Heatherette And Trovata, búl has carved an innovative signature style within the industry and continues to reflect Virginia’s vision of a modern interpretation of the travelled experience through contemporary womenswear.

The STudio

Nestled in the vibrant Fitzroy neighbourhood of Melbourne, our studio is home to a close-knit team of skilled individuals who collectively embrace a shared vision of mindful Australian design. Collaborating closely with thoughtfully chosen manufacturers in China and Indonesia, our aim is to produce all items as responsibly as possible. Building strong partnerships with our highly respected makers ensures ethical relationships are upheld and nurtured in safe, healthy and positive environments.

behind the name
behind the name
"The pronunciation of 'búl' is akin to 'buhl,' resembling the sound of the hull (huhl) of a boat. This name originated from my brother's attempt to pronounce my name 'Virginia' correctly, as he would say 'búl' instead. Given this endearing connection, it felt only natural for 'búl' to become the label's name."
— Virginia Martin
The Collections

Worldly travel and exploration is pivotal to the label. Native flora, local architecture, and natural landscapes converge through harmonious palettes, thoughtful fabrications and textural silhouettes, all encapsulating the curiosity to wander the world's corners within each seasonal narrative.

"Inspiration for me is everywhere. With each collection I draw upon my personal travelled experience to create a unique narrative by incorporating distinctive colour stories, architectural elements, and natural textures as-well as abstract musings such as the scent of a place or the ambience of a location." - VM

The focus

Our production lines are intentionally small with a focus on natural fabrications and seasonless Australian design. Limited collections support conscious buying practices encouraging the investment of pieces made to last beyond the season. Natural fabrications and biodegradable fibres override man-made fibres, dead stock (already-made textiles) avoid the manufacture of new textiles and limited quantity runs pave the way to considered ordering practices. 

"My initial vision is the same now as when I began the label. I wanted to create beautiful, yet comfortable and accessible clothing that was inspired by my personal surroundings. I always envisioned a label that was not ‘just dresses’ or pin-holed into one thing, it was to be a complete lifestyle." - VM

The Ethos

We believe each item should aim to be innovative, consistent, environmentally conscious, long-lasting and an unobtrusive, honest beauty. At the heart of búl are the places, spaces and creative ideas that motivate our design intentions; worldly exploration paves the way to seasonal stories, transformative colours partner bold textiles and unique prints, natural fibres pair with high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful Australian design remains at the forefront.

'Less, but better' — Dieter Rams