Dieter Rams

"Less, but better."


Founded in 2010, búl (pronounced ‘buhl’ similar to the huhl of a boat) is a Melbourne based Australian label where thoughtful design embraces quality tailored womenswear in a timeless effortlessness. Worldly travel is pivotal to the label with seasonless collections culminating through the lived experience. Landscape surrounds, architecture, people and culture inspire dresses, tops, knitspantsskirts and outerwear in natural fabrications with an intentionally sustainable focus alongside footwear and accessories in tonal palettes and complimentary silhouettes. Through a thoughtful approach to contemporary womens clothing, búl is a unique Melbourne designer fashion label that has carved a signature style within the industry with core values in innovative Australian design that is environmentally conscious, crafted to last beyond the season and continues to stay true to the labels considered and timeless aesthetic.