In the bustling creative hub of Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, lies the heart of our design studio where fabric prints come to life. With a focus on the travelled story, each print is thoughtfully created to embody the essence of a place, reflecting the wanderlust and inspiration that fuels our collections.

Drawing from designer Virginia Martin's own journeys and experiences, each season features the arrival of limited edition studio designed prints that capture the spirit of exploration and adventure across a variety of items.

From hand-drawn sketches to collage and digital manipulation, every step is carefully curated to ensure that each print carries a unique narrative and aesthetic. Whether it's abstractions of solar structures in the Pyrenees or the expansive landscapes of Northern Ireland, the prints evoke a sense of place and transports the wearer to each distant land.

Explore a selection of past season prints and their design inspirations below:
— Warped Check; An abstract adaptation of the wild and unruly Irish Sea.
— Mountain; Juxtaposed Queenstown-inspired landscapes.
— Ligne; Line interpretations of the world's largest solar structure; Héliodyssée.
— Watercolour; Painterly exploration of Hue, Vietnam. 
— Vida Marinha; A vibrant celebration of Porto, Portugal's rocky reefs.
— Wave; An abstract homage to the French Basque coastline.
— Psychedelic; Playing upon Poland's psychedelic music movements.
— Seaweed; A tribute to woman seaweed farmers of Tanzania.

As the seasons change, so too does the inspiration behind the collections. From the sun-drenched shores of Portugal to the rugged landscapes of New Zealand, each new destination becomes a muse for Virginia Martin and her team. The fabric prints that emerge from the studio are not just designs; they are reflections of a journey, encapsulating the beauty of discovery.

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