Why is Gdansk the inspiration behind this collection?

Gdansk (pronounced guh-dansk) is a seaport city in the northern part of Poland and I was lucky to have had a sporadic unplanned stopover that landed me here. I was instantly drawn to the place and ended up extending my stay to discover more of the city. It reminded me very much of Amsterdam, which once I had learnt the history, all made sense.  With the town mostly destroyed by the end of World War II, Gdansk artisans, town planners and architects looked to their heritage ties with the Netherlands to create an almost Disney-like cityscape. Dutch style buildings line the streets with colourful narrow houses and tiny windows. You feel like you’re in a larger than life storybook town and I knew our next collection had to take inspiration from this magical seaport city.


The gingerbread-house buildings line the river and stack against each other in every colour imaginable.

What story are you trying to tell?

This season we are stepping away from the expected darker hues that associate with Autumn/Winter and welcoming a more playful approach. The collection is a celebration of the labels signature considered approach melding with a Polish tale of optimism and a spirited beauty steeped in our underlying fundamentals of “less, but better.”

What styles can we expect to see?

Inspired by the people of Gdansk and with below zero temperatures the art of layering is key. The locals really know how to build a colour palette, mixing different textures, prints and silhouettes to create an interesting finish. Inspired by this you will find variations on classics with new designs and silhouettes in an honest reflection of the city. Tops are voluminous with contrast trims and exaggerated collars to pair with cropped flares, slouchy suit pants and fitted mini and maxi skirt styles. Light-to-heavyweight knits mix with tailored occasionware and relaxed day dresses with bold psychedelic prints, tiered ruffles and pressed geometric pleating. Stepping into the cooler months our outerwear welcomes a very playful affair with Polish plaid, mixed tartans and varied checks in boxy, oversized, fluffy and cropped styles alongside hero raincoat styles with matching accessories. 

How did you create the colour palette?

Gdansk was overflowing with colour inspiration. The architecture alone is something you have to see for yourself. The gingerbread-house buildings line the river and stack against each other in every colour imaginable. You will find bright poppy red, the national flower of Poland, Baltic Sea blues, riverine greens of the Vistula River and earthen browns that muse ’Gdansk treasure’ (amber) that ends up on the shores as the tide rolls in. Our in-house designed prints take a warped approach from Poland’s psychedelic music movements and mixed tartans and checks are found in a variety of designs from the subdued to the bold. 

Poppy red, Baltic Sea blues, riverine greens and warming amber mix with Polski tartans and psychedelic prints.

What fabrications can be found throughout W23?

True to the label our natural fabrications sit at the forefront of every collection. Wool is explored in mixed blends with super soft mohair and fluffy alpaca for an added natural warmth. Heavier cotton in varied textures mix with flowy fabrications of tencel, viscose and rayon and footwear is made in soft supple leathers for longevity and comfortability.

What are your favourite design details in this collection?

The footwear and accessories are quite playful this season. We’ve created large oversized scarves with warped knitted prints, woollen-check bags with ultra fluffy interiors, weatherproof bucket hats in ultra high gloss and footwear styles that explore cut-outs, platforms and chunky finishes.

A Polish tale of optimism and a spirited beauty steeped in our underlying fundamentals of “less, but better.”

While visiting Gdansk, what do you enjoy most? 

As it was snowing when I was there, my favoured moments were simply rugging up and walking the wide cobblestoned streets. Even though it was extremely cold everyone gets out and about, the weather doesn’t stop the city. There are little pop-up markets, food stalls and local musicians playing jazz music. It’s very dreamy. Of course the local food is always a treat to discover, trying a traditional piping-hot Pierogi (dumpling) with potatoes and cheese while it’s snowing out was a match made in heaven. The design of the city will be something that stays with me forever; I will never forget those cookie-cutter facades that line the city. It truly is a fascinating place.

What is your favoured piece of the collection and why?

A favourite of mine are our hero raincoats with made-to-match hats in glossy taffy pink and baby blue colour ways. These were inspired by local fisherwoman legends I came to learn of from the waterfront market Targ Rybny where the woman in particular were known for their cheeky humour and often brash manners. I think these will make quite a fun and striking statement on those grey and rainy days. 


And lastly, what are you looking forward to this autumn/winter?

I look forward to hibernating inside on Melbourne’s biting winter days cooking some hearty winter soups and listening to the sounds of the weather.  Funny enough the winds are actually better in winter for surfing and once you get going, and have the right gear to keep you warm, it can be a lot of fun. So I’ll be braving the waters at my favourite surf spots down the Victorian coastline like Squeaky Beach and Jan Juc I’m also looking forward to our outdoor fire pit which gets me outside no matter the weather. We’ve had a bit of a wild summer here in Melbourne, starting wet and heading into extreme heat so I’m looking forward to the cooler days ahead to enjoy the slower pace that autumn/winter brings.