The Perto Dress is a two piece style which includes a bias-cut slip and a removable wrap singlet. Each piece allows for adjustments to be made based on individual body shape and is often loved most for its partially custom-fit.

Find our top five ways to style the Perto Dress below.

OPTION 01: Double layered with wrap singlet tied at the front

Pair both the slip dress and wrap singlet together as intended, positioning each piece so the búl label sits at the back. Adjust each shoulder strap to fit comfortably, aligning the straps of the dress and singlet. 

Wrap Singlet Positioning: 

Once the fabric is in place, begin to wrap the singlet in a crossover position at the front, keeping in mind the singlet should provide full coverage over the chest. Before taking the fabric around to your back, you may also like to twist it from the front, as you draw it behind. This will allow the fabric to remain in place when wearing it over the dress as well as draw in the waist if desired. 

When you arrive at the back, cross the fabric over once more before journeying it forward and tying it in one knot at the side of the waist. 

This option provides extra coverage around the centre, allowing for a more relaxed feel.

OPTION 02: Double layered with wrap singlet tied at the back

Follow the steps of option one where instead of crossing the wrap singlet at the back and drawing it forward, you simply tie the fabric once it reaches behind. You might like to tie a double knot and allow the fabric to flow extra long or create a bow to feature.

With less fabric at the centre, this option highlights the silhouette of the slip dress and may feel more formal than tying at the front of the waist.

OPTION 03: Slip dress worn singularly or layered with your own choice of top

A stand alone slip dress can serve as a blank canvas when it comes to styling your wardrobe. As the Perto Dress features the chocolate or green colourway, both can be great options to pair back with Summer favorites such as, an oversized linen shirt, a basic tee or any cropped length top or knit to layer. 

Worn on its own, the slip dress is a timeless piece that invites you to make statements with storytelling jewellery and accessories.

OPTION 04: Wrap singlet layered over your own choice of top

Take the wrap singlet and pair it over your go-to collared shirt or high-neck blouse. 

See positioning the wrap singlet above with the option to tie to the front or the back of the waist. Custom fit the fabric to sit comfortably on your body and when layered, make adjustments depending on the fit of the piece layered underneath.

OPTION 05: Wrap singlet worn singularly

Take the wrap singlet and pair it with your choice of bottom. A high-waisted pant or skirt may be preferred as the wrap singlet generally ties mid-waist.

See positioning the wrap singlet in option one with options to tie to the front or the back of the waist.

Enjoy creating your own moment in the Perto dress, available in chocolate or deep green at boutiques and online.

Thoughtfully written by: Olivia O’Keeffe