Pronounced buhl, similar to the hull (huhl) of a boat. 


Our Collections

Hiking deep within Australian highlands to exploring pine-laden trails in France and wild surf breaks on New Zealand’s west coast - Worldly travel and exploration is pivotal to the label. Each collection is aptly named after a personal travelled experience of búl designer Virginia Martin. Native flora, local architecture and the natural surrounds muse tonal palettes, thoughtful fabrications, textural silhouettes and an intrigue to wander the corners of the world culminating within each seasonal story.

Australian Design

Situated within the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, our studio houses a tight knit all female team who, alongside Virginia’s lead, share an aligned vision on thoughtful Australian design. The studio proudly works alongside small family owned manufacturers as we aim to produce all items as responsibly as possible. Building on-going strong partnerships with our highly respected makers ensures ethical relationships are upheld and continue to be nurtured in safe, healthy and positive environments.

Our Focus
We are passionate about crafting quality garments with awareness at every step. Our production lines are intentionally small with focus on natural fabrications and seasonless Australian design for a greater sustainable future. Our limited collections support conscious buying practices encouraging the wearer to focus on investment pieces made to least beyond the season in turn reducing the impact of a fast-fashion lifestyle. Natural fabrications and biodegradable fibres over ride man-made fibres, dead stock (already made textiles) avoid the manufacture of new textiles and limited quantity runs pave way to conscious ordering practices. 

búl & You

Each individual is an honest extension of the label reflecting your own personal style combined with the timelessness of búl. Strong values are upheld within quality tailoring, comfortability, fabric insight and innovative Australian design alongside a desire for travel, architecture and the natural surrounds. Each treasured item is thoughtfully selected with 
versatility and longevity top of mind allowing the investment pieces to age gracefully with you to last season upon season.


Our Philosophy

We believe each item should aim to be innovative, consistent, environmentally conscious, long-lasting and an unobtrusive, honest beauty. At the very heart of búl are the places, spaces and creative ideas that motivate our design intentions; worldly exploration paves way to seasonal stories, transformative colours partner bold textiles and unique prints, natural fibres pair with high quality craftsmanship and thoughtful Australian design remains at the forefront. As german industrial designer Dieter Rams once said "Less, but better."

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