design with intention.

At the very core of búl are the places, spaces and creative ideas that motivate the brands design intentions. It is an intrinsic reflection on the world around us and how we can fuse our reverence for travel, adventure, design, colour and culture. Honest focus is held on luxurious natural fibres, signature prints and the characteristic spirit of búl interpreting a natural modern comfort.

beyond the season.

Holding strong value in quality tailoring, comfortability, fabric insight and innovative design we have built, and continue to nurture, strong relationships with our makers, who work on each item with outstanding skill and genuine level of care, ensuring the quality and integrity of each garment, footwear or accessory is well developed from inception to creation to sit as a definitive timeless piece within your wardrobe.

core collections.

Core collections pull inspiration from coast to country and architecture to the natural environment. Musings having journeyed through Turkeys Anatolian Plains, Hamburgs harbour city, Icelands ever-shifting landscape, the scattered archipelago of the Balearic Islands and far beyond; travel, culture and countryside is pivotal to the búl aesthetic.


Applying expert craftsmanship alongside quality materials, búl’s extensive product categories including footwear, leather accessories and lifestyle items are a continued extension of the core collections. From transformed sketch to completed design, our footwear and lifestyle products hold timelessness at the forefront, creating treasured items built to last throughout your lifetime.

the team.

Led by designer Virginia Martin who’s extensive design and production knowledge, alongside international experience working for Proenza Schouler, Cynthia Rowley, Heatherette and Trovata, búl stands as a unique and innovative signature style within the industry. Surrounded by a strong team, Virginia shares her lived experiences and first hand female intimacy towards all garments alongside a reflected shared vision of a relaxed and modern interpretation of culture, lifestyle and the natural environment.

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